El Oso Leather Bag

El Oso Leather Bag


Made by a leather workshop that is owned by three brothers: Isidro, Juan and Enrique. They have younger men from their community working in the shop with them. They learned their trade from an uncle. 

The work with cow and goat skin, however these particular pieces are made with cow skin, which is a by-product of other local industries. 

 While it takes roughly 30 minutes to assemble these leather bags by hand, this is only after the preparation of the skins, cutting of the pieces and so on. In all, these bags take roughly 5 – 8 hours a piece to make, if you’re including total prep time.

 The skins are left to dry in the sun, and are scraped with machetes to clean them (photos attached). This makes for a rustic finish – scratches and lines are a natural result of how they make the bags, as these are not a fine leather product. The artisans noted that they feel that these marks speak to their process. The bags are made with rustic tools

 The lighter leather bags are untreated leather that should be sprayed with weather protector, as they stain easily.

These are a sturdy, stiff bag that will naturally darken and soften with use. The straps are adjustable with a metal buckle.

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