Keap Candles | Masterful | Sustainable | Simple

Keap Candles | Masterful | Sustainable | Simple



  • Masterful scents

  • Natural coconut wax, 45 hour burn time

  • Reusable, returnable candleholder

  • Made ethically in our Brooklyn, NY studio

  • Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

  • . 45 hour burn


WOOD CABIN Cedar, Palo Santo, + Fireside Embers - Feels like: taking a hike in the woods.

WAVES Sea Salt, Drift Woods, + Ocean Air - Feels like: floating, suspended in water.

HOT SPRINGS Eucalyptus, Yuzu, + Sauna Wood - Feels like: letting go of the day.

GRAPEFRUIT + YUZU Grapefruit, Bergamot, + Fresh Optimism - Feels like: a bright and happy day.

COTTON MAGNOLIA Cotton, Magnolia Petals, + A Spring Breeze - Feels like: a breezy veranda.

LAVENDER + PETALS Lavender, White Petals, + True Calm - Feels like: a meadow wander.

GREEN MARKET Garden Mint, Cucumber, + Freshly Cut Stems - Feels like: a new season is beginning.

WILD FIGS Wild Fig, Crushed Berries, + Forbidden Fruit - Feels like: being wild and free.

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ZERO–WASTE | By using innovative materials, our packaging is 100% plastic-free. You can also return your used candles to us for re-use.

MINIMAL, REUSABLE | We designed our candleholders to fit any space, and to be easy to repurpose. We use no adhesives so the labels and wicks are easy to remove.

COCONUT WAX | We use sustainable coconut wax for a clean and complete burn.

TRANSPARENCY | We are on a life-long candle-learning journey, and openly share what we learn to help move the industry forward.

LOVE | We put a little love into each candle that we pour, and treat our customers like family. They share it back with us.