Large Mineral Sea Sponge

Large Mineral Sea Sponge


Lather better with a biodegradable naturally super soft sea sponge!  These are an ideal shower tool. At 5”-5” they’re bigger than most hands!! Radical bathers love this squishy goodness!!

  • Biodegradable! Much like Mind And Body wash these sponges cleanly return to the environment once you’ve finished using them (They last about 4 months)

  • Antibacterial! These sponges have natural antibacterial properties

  • Hypoallergenic! Free from any hash toxins, dyes

  • Vegan! Much like lettuce, these sponges regrow when they are harvested

  • Ethically Harvested! We make sure these are collected and processed in accord with sustainable practices

  • Skin health! Minerals in sea sponges have been shown to nourish and benefit the skin, these include magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc!

Stop using synthetic sponges! Plastic sponges are typically injected with triclosan, an antibacterial chemical that has been linked to negative effects on your hormones and nervous system.

Note: Each sponge is a little different!

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