Sacred Smoke Bundle | Meraki Nomad

Sacred Smoke Bundle | Meraki Nomad


Made of blessing herbs that serve as a bridge to connect us to our self + spirit, open us up to healing, shift our consciousness to sacred space, connect us to our ancestors, and ground us into our selves.

Each bundle is handmade by Meraki Nomad

- White Sage, Lavender, Sweetgrass, & Rose.
- Wrapped with an off-white, organic cotton thread. - Comes with all 4 herbs - custom combos available upon request.
- Rose colors vary depending on availability, season, and mood.

Healing Properties

White Sage: The ultimate healer - grounding + uplifting, purifying + cleansing of the body, aura, energy, & space, awakens the soul and brings you to a place of devotion.

Sweetgrass: The essence of the feminine, the “Sacred Hair of Mother Earth” she brings in happiness, comfort, love, warmth, intimacy, and sweetness.

Lavender: A calming + peaceful energy, heart-opening + self-loving.

Rose: Love, love, love. courage, intimacy, comfort.

Origin of Herbs

White Sage: Organic + farm grown in Southern California. This is very important to note as White Sage is now on the “to watch” list for endangered plants as it is currently being over-harvested.

Sweetgrass: Sourced from First Nation’s families in Sask, Canada and the Cree Nation in Manitoba, Canada.

Lavender: From Lavender By The Bay lavender farm in East Marion, NY.

Rose: locally sourced.

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