• The Skincare Sequence To Follow This Summer

    The Skincare Sequence To Follow This Summer
    With summer in full swing, it's time to update our skincare routine to keep our skin protected and hydrated! We have the perfect skincare sequence for you, layered properly to be the secret to maintaining your sunkissed glow all summer long.  1. Osea Sea Minerals Mist Start your skincare routine with the refreshing Osea Sea Minerals Mist. This mist is packed with nutrient-rich seaweed...
  • Radiance Through Ritual

    Radiance Through Ritual | Meet Mera Wellness
    Introducing Mera Wellness Meet Mera Wellness, the new skincare brand we are honored to carry at JONES +CO. Mera is on a mission to empower you to experience your radiant beauty through ritual-based, natural skincare. Drawing on inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, they meticulously craft their products in small batches, using toxin-free, earth-derived ingredients.  Their Story Mera was born from a shared...
  • The Clementine Calm

    The Clementine Calm
    Spring is in full squeeze, especially with this citrusy mocktail packed with magnesium, gaba, vitamin c, and probiotics! How did this recipe come about? Well, since it's cutie season, we were juicing a whole bag of clementines one brekky and started researching the combination of magnesium and vitamin c... here's what we found. When we sip vitamin C with magnesium, we actually absorb more of both benefits!  Clementines not...
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