Lavenderberry Smoothie to Lower Your Stress Hormones

Is it really possible to lower your stress hormones in a smoothie? Yes, and, it's so easy! Calling all high-strung humans and students sliding into finals week… this smoothie is literally all you need to reset your hormones in the direction of heaven. Sip, or spoon your self to that stress-free zone we know you are dreaming of with the following magnesium-rich lavender berry balancing smoothie bowl…


1 ned lavenderberry magnesium superblend stick

1 scoop urban remedy vanilla collagen protein powder

1 cup frozen wild blueberries

2 handfuls of spinach

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup water

1 cup ice 



No stress, just blend baby, blend! Add 1/4 cup water to start, then add the rest as the smoothie gets stuck to smooth it all out but keep it thick. Spoon into your favorite bowl— ours is from jars of dust & use a big spoon (shop our handcrafted olive wood spoons). Enjoy, and take note of how things rolls off your shoulders a bit more throughout your day.


  1. RELAX MORE : The magic is first and foremost in the magnesium. Since our bodies are so depleted from our daily intake of magnesium, it’s essential we make some sort of ritual to incorporate this mineral into our every day… Ned makes it easy, and tasty. You’ll notice that by upping your magnesium intake, your mood, muscles, mind, and sleep will all be improved.
  2. A REGENERATIVE COMBO : The combination of magnesium + collagen supports your muscles and nervous system to regenerate from a structural level. From our skin, muscles, and bones, this combo creates a strength and synergy that allows our bodies to protect against external agents of stress.
  3. HEART LOVE : antioxidant-rich berries help your body fight against fire radicals and decrease oxidative stress. Adding potassium allows our body to absorb more magnesium and supports our heart functioning by helping to control the activity of the heart muscle.

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