The Clementine Calm

Spring is in full squeeze, especially with this citrusy mocktail packed with magnesium, gaba, vitamin c, and probiotics! How did this recipe come about? Well, since it's cutie season, we were juicing a whole bag of clementines one brekky and started researching the combination of magnesium and vitamin c... here's what we found.

When we sip vitamin C with magnesium, we actually absorb more of both benefits! 

Clementines not only contain a ton of vitamin c, they are also mega anti-oxidant rich and contain choline, a B vitamin that aids in healthy liver function. They also happen to be less acidic than oranges! 

If you are ever in need of a little detox the morning after, make this drink. Not just from the liver love of clementines, but also via the magnesium re uptake we need after a night of fun! Add in a full dropper our Mycolove Farm Turkey Tail Mushroom Tincture and Reishi Mushrooms for a body loving and calm enhancing sense of restoration too. 

Drinking Ned's Mellö Magnesium Superblend provides you with all your essential daily magnesium plus trace minerals for over 300 whole-body benefits. Mellö helps us metabolize Vitamin D and form healing antibodies, improving our gut health and boosting our microbiome! 

Okay, here is the recipe!! 

The Clementine Calm

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