The Elevated Adrenal Mellö Mocktail

In need of a mello morning where your mind + body feel at ease with the day to come? Us too…

Tap into the magic of ned’s bioavailable magnesium to reduce our stress levels, relax our muscles, replenish our GABA supplies, and elevate our mood. Since our bodies don’t produce magnesium on their own, we’ve gotta source it through our diet. And, it’s essential we pair magnesium with the right combination of Whole Foods and minerals to absorb it to its fullest.

This recipe boost’s the mineral content of the magnesium to the highest. Ever heard of an adrenal cocktail? An adrenal cocktail is a drink containing key vitamins and minerals that works with your body to make and regulate your essential hormones.

It contains the right ratios of vitamin c, potassium, and sodium to fully absorb the magnesium into your internal ecosystem. And, it’s delicious! Give it a taste, feed your cells and fight fatigue!

The Elevated Adrenal Mellö Mocktail Recipe:

  1. Orange Juice | whole food vitamin C
  2. Coconut water | potassium
  3. Sea salt | sodium
  4. Ned's Mellö Superfood Blend | bioavailable magnesium (naked flavor)
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