100% Beeswax Birthday Candles
100% beeswax birthday candles are the perfect way to celebrate every birthday, big occasion, or moment in-between. Each four-inch candle is made in the U.S.A and gives off a beautiful soft glow and a light natural beeswax scent. 10 to...
Purple Tansy Pollinator Seeds
Anellabees purple tansy is a flowering plant in the borage family that honeybees cannot resist! This hardy, easy-to-grow variety produces whimsical, delicately curled blooms rich in nectar and pollen. The frilly Lacy Phacelia flowers make a unique addition to any...
Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds
Anellabees Lemon Queen sunflowers are a bold and beautiful symbol of summer that attract pollinators and other wildlife to your garden. Their bright blooms stand out with vibrant yellow petals surrounding a rich chocolate center. Clip a few to bring...
Chives Garden Seeds
Anellabees chives are milder than onions, tender and green, bringing a burst of flavor to salads, sauces, and more. Allow a few plants to bloom - the lavender-pink blossoms are edible and beautiful, and pollinators love their sweet nectar. One...
Large Leaf Basil Seeds
Anellabees large leaf basil is known for its aromatic fragrance and flavor. Fresh, tender leaves are a key ingredient in a simple caprese salad, pesto, and many other pasta dishes. Use dry leaves to season sauces, soups, and more. Allow...
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