Sea Biotic Water Cream
nutrient-rich, weightless water cream delivers 72+ hours of deep hydration to thirsty skin exposed to pollution and blue light. Seaweed and a microbiome-friendly pre and probiotic* visibly promote skin radiance. This breakthrough formula leaves skin soft with a silky-smooth finish....
Ocean Cleanser
Wake up your skin and your senses. This exceptionally gentle, refreshing face cleanser from our friends at OSEA removes surface impurities and excess oils and gently exfoliates to minimize the appearance of pores. Delivers mineral-rich hydration for a clear, radiant...
Atmosphere Protection Cream
Face the day by starting with a protective skincare ritual. This everyday lightweight moisturizer from our friends at OSEA hydrates while providing barrier protection against environmental pollutants. This clean, antioxidant-rich formula is full of seaweed, shea butter and omega-rich oils...
Circle Mirror - blonde tortoise
Circle Mirror - blonde tortoise
As easy as it is stylish, this simple pocket-sized mirror is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. * Measures: 3 inches * Italian Acetate * Swivel opening
Hyaluronic Sea Serum
A burst of hydration for all skin types. This fast-absorbing concentrated serum from clean-skincare powerhouse OSEA smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This nourishing formula draws water-based moisture to the skin like a magnet with a synergy of...
Blemish Balm
A cult clean-beauty favorite, OSEA’s sheer, fast-absorbing Blemish Balm is a lightweight moisturizer for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin types that clarifies to promote an even skin tone. The secret lies in the synergy between three types of nutrient-rich seaweed...
Sea Minerals Mist
Hydrate skin with this supercharged toning mist. OSEA’s proprietary blend of nutrient-rich seaweeds works its magic by delivering a dewy glow. Cooling and refreshing, this mineral-infused formula helps nourish sun-drenched skin, with a microcloud mister that offers the perfect delivery...
Ocean Cleansing Milk
Meet our favorite nourishing, fragrance-free cleanser. This gentle formula from our friends at clean + green skincare brand OSEA melts away everything from dirt and debris to makeup. Each wash with Ocean Cleansing Milk will leaves your skin feeling soothed,...
Anti-Aging Sea Serum
This bioactive serum from clean skincare powerhouse OSEA targets all signs of aging and supports skin’s moisture barrier in one powerful formula. Enriched with seaweed, vitamin C, niacinamide, ceramides and natural peptides, this serum promotes a brighter complexion, improves skin...
Regneration Mist
Hydrating Tremella & Gotu KolaA highly regenerative blend of nature's most healing botanicals. This essential mist works overtime to calm and invigorate skin. Alleviating inflammation, repairing damaged skin cells, drawing moisture to the skin, smoothing texture and tone, and boosting...
Green Botanical Serum
A potent selection of green botanicals from land and sea combine to make this serum’s opulent green pigment. Activist Green Botanical Serum is rich in omegas and antioxidants, nourishing seaweed, cleansing Mānuka and Kawakawa oils. It is deeply penetrative, healing...
Ritual Face Serum
Shemana’s Ritual Face Serum is lovingly handcrafted using the best skin-loving botanicals infused in Almond Oil, then placed in a sacred geometric pattern surrounded by crystals activated by the sun and moon, enhancing this serum to a high vibrational level....
Manuka Honey Mask
This thoughtfully crafted offering is a result of Activist Mānuka Honey’s cult following as a multifaceted and completely natural Clean Beauty treatment. Activist has developed, filtered and refined their classic 850+ MGO Mānuka honey into a mask especially for topical...
Firming Eye Cream
Target signs of aging around your eyes with this high-performance hydrator from clean skincare powerhouse OSEA. This essential eye cream is enriched with gigartina algae and the plant-derived amino acid DPHP to give your skin a plump and firm look....
Refining Cleanser
Micro-Exfoliating Botanicals & CharcoalIntroducing a new way to cleanse and exfoliate. This very gently refining formula is designed to decongest, purify and smoothe skin. Ultra-fine apricot shell granules eradicate impurities on the surface of the skin, while detoxifying charcoal and...
ALPHA - Man Oil
This blend of natural oils enrich the skin, whilstthe high content of Moroccan Argan oil workswonders on taming and conditioning hair. Blended with a delicious scent that is wantedby men and desired by women. Infused witha vibrational remedy of Crystal...
Seaglow Overnight Serum
resurfaces and reinforces your skin’s moisture barrier in one easy step to reveal smooth, radiant skin. A potent blend of AHAs, phytic acid and tropical fruit extracts exfoliates to promote skin renewal, which evens tone and texture overnight. Fermented Shiunko...
Bioactive Face Masque
A charcoal masque unlike any other. This detoxifying, nutrient-rich formula from Lesse is elevated by potent bio-actives, purifying charcoal, and rare flame tree to transform skin on a cellular level. Treat and prevent inflammation, redness; sooth the impacts of sun...
Ritual Serum
An essential, transformative pillar of any skin care ritual. This bestselling, lightweight serum brings together elevated antioxidants and deeply purifying botanicals to clear, correct, and nurture skin. Providing essential and immediate hydration while transforming skin on a cellular level longterm—to...
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