Solana Lip Balm
This organic lip balm from woman-owned, radically clean beauty brand Solana is our go-to for keeping lips moisturized + happy with 100% certified organic, skin-loving ingredients. Safe for use on sensitive skin, children, and even pets, Solana Eco Lip Balms...
Lip Balm
Sized for travel, evolvetogether's hydrating lip balm mini set in Provence’s modern lavender restores dry, flaky lips with coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba seed oil — and no sticky residue. Powered by plants, our hydrating lip balm in modern...
Botanical Moisturizer Balm
Naturally soothes and moisturizes dry skin For whatever, wherever, whenever! Meet your herbal swiss army knife. This Ziz favorite is small (and tubular), so you can squeeze out every last drop of this hydrating herbal gold pre-flight, post-sun, or simply...
Jonesin' Gift Wrap
Want to make your gifts extra special? Add on Jonesin Gift Wrap to your order and we will take care of the rest! Your loved ones gifts will be wrapped in sustainably sourced and recycled materials.
Yay For Earth Lip Balm
Our lip balms are the perfect silky and buttery best friend for your lips! We had two goals in mind when creating these: 1. To create a nourishing and perfect lip balm that lasts longer on your lips. 2. To...
Viper Gloss
Moisturizing Spicy Lip Plumper is now available in lip gloss! Same great formula. Hyaluronic Acid | Cayenne | Ginger This invigorating blend is made for those who love a little heat. This spicy lip balm is infused with warming, circulation-boosting...
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