Single Chocolate
Loco Love's delicious adaptogenic chocolates full of ingredients to feel good about Hazelnut Praline: freshly ground hazelnut butter center, with a few crunchy surprises. Spiked with Peruvian ginseng aka maca powder, which is known for its adaptogenic qualities and increasing...
Umami Salt Original
Umami Salt is a simple blend of shiitake mushroom powder and flake sea salt. No fillers. Just pure umami goodness. So... mushroom salt? Don't let the description scare you off. A favorite of professional chefs for adding an umami (or,...
Sizzle Olive Oil
thanks to the super stable picual olive, sizzle was born for the heat. It’s still 100% extra-virgin, but made with mid-harvest olives that give it a more mellow flavor. made in Spain
Glass + Mango Wood Decanter
Showcase your sommelier knowledge in style or simply add a few flowers for a whole new look. Our mango wood products only get more beautiful with age. Pair with our Madras collection for a wow-worthy tablescape. Measurements: 48 oz., 5"...
Cookie Butter Chocolate Bar
Compartés chocolate bar is blended with delicious cookie butter. This smooth and creamy delicious chocolate bar is filled with so much flavor.  Made in the USA
Olive Oil
The love and lore of olive oil goes back thousands of years. Greek Olympians bathed in it, Roman kings were anointed by it and for centuries life was illuminated by olive oil. It is a beloved and staple ingredient of most kitchens, a...
Cordyceps Mushroom Tincture
MyCO Love tinctures are hand-crafted and grown in Colorado and are some of the most potent tinctures on the market. Their process involves using probiotic cultures, organic cane alcohol, and distilled water in combination with cutting-edge science to extract the...
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Chocolate Bar
Compartés Holiday Cinnamon Toast Crunch chocolate bar is one of our most popular holiday chocolate bars. This luscious creamy chocolate bar is packed to the brim with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and cinnamon, super delicious and a crowd pleaser! Made...
Organic Olive Oil
Hand-harvested and organic Sicilian olive oil, made from cold-pressed, single-harvest 100% Biancolilla olives—a deliciously versatile cornerstone in the kitchen that works beautifully for cooking, roasting, finishing, and anything in between.  Housed in a refillable 12oz Le Marké glass vessel, the...
Beachwood Coffee
certified-organic, smooth, balanced, and caramelly. a coffee that's easy to brew at home and hits the spot, every morning.  made in the San Agustín Loxicha region, Oaxaca, Mexico
Sagebrush Coffee
sagebrush is crafted to be the perfect daily cup of drip coffee. Canyon Coffee sources Sagebrush from new and emerging farmers and co-ops making efforts to improve their ecological sustainability and economic well-being of workers. made in the United States...
Balsamic Vinegar
The most refined Balsamic Vinegar sourced from Northern Italian Trebbiano grapes and barrel-aged for 15 years. Holding a flavor and complexity distinct to age and time, it's at once smooth, sultry, and elegantly sweet (sans intervention or the addition of...
Gedeb Coffee
coffee from this area is fragrant, with a floral aroma, sweet, balanced taste, and smooth lime-like acidity. made in the Gedab region, Ethiopia certified organic
Stoneware Bowls in Pearl
These stunning stoneware favorites bring a whole new meaning to “made with love”. “Tam” translating to “heart” is indicative of this collection’s unique origin story. Popular for its understated texture and minimal design, each piece is carefully crafted at the...
San Pedro Coffee
just in time for peak summer, this seasonal coffee from Puebla, Mexico is full of juicy flavor. sourced on Canyon Coffee's recent trip to Mexico. San Pedro Itzla region, Xicotepec, Puebla Mexico
Surfer's 50+ MGO Manuka Honey
surfer’s honey™ is a beautiful wildcrafted blend filled with local influences from our native trees and mānuka flowers of the season. through a lifelong passion for surfing and a love for the pristine coastline of aotearoa, new zealand, Activist Manuka...
Apple Cider Vinegar
The Apple Cider Vinegar (a.k.a. The ACV) is crafted in collaboration with farmer and producer Joanne Krueger, using organic Gravenstein, Red Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, and Pink Pearl apples hand-harvested from her orchard, Little Apple Treats. Fun fact: The ACV...
Entree Bowl
The entree bowl is crucial for a complete dinner table setting. It's the pasta bowl, the salad bowl, the chili bowl, the chicken over rice bowl, the small serving bowl. The amount of depth it offers allows for much versatility...
Apple Pie Chocolate Bar
Compartés Apple Pie bar is packed full of delicious homemade apple pie, caramelized cinnamon streusel pieces, chunks of real apples, cinnamon baked apples, and of course swirls of cinnamon inside. This tastes like the best apple pie you've ever eaten,...
Side Bowl - Oak
Side Bowl - Oak
Diameter: 5.5in Height: 2.5in A set of side bowls is a must-have in any kitchen with how many purposes is serves. It's a cereal bowl, ice cream bowl, side salad bowl, soup bowl, rice bowl, taco night serving bowl and...
Culinary 100+ MGO Manuka Honey
Activist Raw Mānuka Honey 100+MGO is a great multifunctional Manuka honey to sustain and satisfy all your daily needs––from health to culinary or to consume straight from the spoon. A great healthy addition to teas, baking, smoothies and meals, enjoy...
Grain Bowl - Snow
DETAILS Great for serving smaller meals - salads, grain bowls, or roasted vegetables. We love to use it for meal prep as well. GLAZE Velvet matte white glaze, with a glossy crystal rim. SIZE ~6.5" x 2" CONTENTS & CARE...
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