Sandalwood Yuzu Shampoo & Conditioner
A balancing and detoxifying shampoo gently removes product build-up and excess oil for visibly healthier, more lustrous hair. Helps to detoxify, strengthens strands, boosts volume, enhances shine, and hydrates. Pair with a lightweight yet deeply nourishing conditioner, this fortifying formula...
Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner
The Balancing Shampoo from our friends at Sisters is a beautiful, mild shampoo that’s safe for the whole family. Naturally and subtly fragranced with essential oils of sandalwood, bergamot, patchouli, and geranium, Sister Balancing Shampoo gently cleanses hair of excess...
Jonesin' Gift Wrap
Want to make your gifts extra special? Add on Jonesin Gift Wrap to your order and we will take care of the rest! Your loved ones gifts will be wrapped in sustainably sourced and recycled materials.
Rosemary Hair Oil
This versatile oil has you covered for strong, lustrous hair from roots to ends. Use as a treatment oil by massaging directly onto your scalp pre-shampoo to help remedy damage and dryness and to encourage healthy growth. Or, apply a...
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