Kids Super Flexible Sunglasses - mint
Super flexible with shatterproof anti-scratch lenses, these are kid-proof sunglasses designed for any adventure. The 100% UV, category 3 lenses with anti-reflective coating combined with the large lens shape makes sure little eyes get all the protection they need.Designed to...
Beeswax Crayons
extra large beeswax crayons are carefully blended to glide on paper and provide rich color and smooth texture. Beeswax, an all-natural, renewable, and eco-friendly resource helps to insure that our crayons are safe and fun for children of all ages. 
Tiny Inka Silicone Set of 2
The cups and bowls are approved for use in food and can go in both dishwasher and microwave. The Tiny Inka series in silicone is a practical element for the family with small children as they do not break if...
Quilted Play Mat
Hand-woven with love, this quilted linen play mat is made from the very softest natural fibers. Thick cotton filling and beautifully stone washed linen make this mat cozy, portable and easy to wash. These mats have been tested to ensure...
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