Handcrafted Olive Wood Spoon
These beautiful spoons are each carefully handmade by talented Kenyan artisans to bring a stylish touch of nature into your kitchen. Each spoon is carved from natural olivewood native to the Kenyan villages where they are made and accented with...
Kenyan Wild Olive Wood Classic Spoon
Kenyan wood carvers excel at carving useful items from beautifully grained wild olive wood. Each of theses classic spoons showcases a unique array of wood grain. Hand wash in warm water, dry promptly and rub with oilve oil before storage....
Mini Warming Basket - white
Mini Warming Basket - white
A network of rural Wolof women in nine Senegalese villages are working together to create beautiful handcrafted baskets for export. Using locally harvested cattail stalks and strips of plastic used to make prayer mats, the women bring supplemental income to their households by weaving baskets...
Small Wild Olive Wood Salad Servers
Wild olive wood is a preferred carving medium of Kenya's Kamba wood carvers. With extreme precision, these talented men draw beautiful serving pieces from the rich grain of this East African hardwood. Hand wash in warm water, dry promptly and...
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