Cactus Vase Collection

Cactus Vase Collection

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Serax is the brainchild of SERge and AXel Van Den Bossche. Two brothers who were brought up amidst the flowerpot trade in their mother’s business. Over the past thirty years, the small-scale business that started up in a garage in 1986 has grown into a multi­national with over 65 employees and a head office in ­Antwerp. Today, the company is led by Axel. Axel’s wife – Marie Michielssen – is Serax’ house designer. She is the creator of, amongst other things, the famous ‘Cactus Vase’. Serax is a family business where passion runs through the veins. Cactus vases by Marie Michielssen


Mini Vase

Small Vase: 7.8" Wide x 2.9" Deep x 7.8" High

Medium Vase: 7.2" Wide x 6.3" Deep x 11.4" High

Large Vase: 9.4" Wide x 8.8" Deep x 15.3" High

Extra Large Vase: 12.5" Wide x 11" Deep x 23.6" High

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