Copal Coffee Scoop

Copal Coffee Scoop


Start your morning off with this handmade coffee scoop. Every custom work is made with Mexican clay, and is naturally colored in a quick bath of organic copal, tobacco and rosemary. These scoops are built by hand and feature a small handle for easy use. They support natural glaze on the interior and exterior of the body of the piece, and are pit fired in outdoor kilns for a unique textured finish.

Dimensions 2 ½” w x 5” L x 1 ¼ “ t


This family have been producing handmade works for generations. Highly skilled in the art of pottery production, they continuously strive to develop new processes – a creative evolution that spans an enormous body of work from large-scale sculptures to stunning tableware. In addition to creating his pieces by hand, this family gathers organic plants and minerals to use in their pieces, which they pit fire in the three handmade kilns that they built on their property. 

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