Kostick | Foldable Star Sculptures

Kostick | Foldable Star Sculptures

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Kostick Foldable Star Sculptures - Designed by John M. Kostick

  • 4” - Tetraxis Star: Diameter 4" Weight 1.2 oz. Material - Bronze
  • 7” - Tetraxis Star: Diameter 7" Weight 2.7 oz. Material - Bronze
  • 9” - 9" Six-Axis Star: Diameter 9" Weight 4 oz. Material - Bronze
  • 14” - 14" Six-Axis Star: Diameter 14" Weight 14.5 oz. Material - Bronze
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Designer John M. Kostick gives shape to the elegance of mathematics with his foldable stars, which he first sculpted in 1965 (and received a patent for in 1970) to model the concept of tensegrity, an architectural principle that relies on compression and tension to give a structure 3-D form. The genius of John’s artwork lies in their simple geometry and pliability – in addition to being stunning objects, the stars can be made into more asymmetrical shapes by gently sliding any of the points. The results are what John refers to as “mathematical truths that you can hold in your hand.”

John is based in Medford, Massachusetts.