Moroccan Vintage Azilal Rug | Rug No. 01

Moroccan Vintage Azilal Rug | Rug No. 01


Beautiful Moroccan Azilal rug is amazing! These rugs are super great for their smaller scaled sizes. They look great in hallway, layering on top of other rugs or even on the sides of the bed. You can also hang them on the walls.

Made with soft wool and natural dyes.

Dimensions 70 L x 31 w

Country - Morocco

Please note: Handmade items from Morocco and they are not factory made or massed produced. 

  • Due to the vintage and handmade nature of the rug, there may be minor imperfections, flaws, or signs of wear this is a part of their vintage or handmade charm. 
  • Rug contains natural wool, so the rug is not bright white, it's a cream with a mixture of tan and brown. 
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