Sankalpa Naked Gem Necklace

Sankalpa Naked Gem Necklace


The Naked Gem line is designed to inspire a conscious lifestyle. Pick an intention. Pick an intention, something you want to manifest in your life. Tie 3 knots to seal your commitment to honoring and upholding your intention. Wear it until it falls off and trust that the amount of time it stays on is just the amount you need to integrate this aspect into your being. 

i am abundant - citrine
Citrine properties: 
expansion . manifestation . creativity . taking your ideas + desires into reality . abundance . personal will . boundaries . knowing yourself . optimism . mental clarity . first three chakras 

i am clear - clear quartz
properties: amplifies intention . clears irrelevancy . purifying consciousness expansion . heightened spiritual awareness . clarity . healing . stimulates circulation . ignites all chakras

i am natural - green amethyst 
properties: heart awakening . connection to nature . deepening spiritual path . recognition of the divine spark within all beings . stone of namaste . transcends judgement + negativity . links self + Self . heart + crown chakras

i am subtle - champagne quartz 
properties: smoothes + calms ones energy .  creates a channel for truth . purifies . unites our will (3rd chakra) with love (4th chakra) .  balances yin/yang . dissolves negativity + emotional blockages . grounding . amplifies intention . all chakras.

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