Powdered Hand Soap


Powered by gentle ingredients like coconut oil and glycerin, evolvetogether's dissolvable powdered hand soap in spicy Havana is activated by water and uses 100% dissolvable packaging to deliver a hydrating, zero waste wash wherever you go.

  • 15 single-use hand soap packets (Havana)
  • Uses gentle, biodegradable ingredients — and 2x less water than traditional soaps
  • Waterless formula and 100% dissolvable packaging
  • Super convenient: individually-wrapped for on-the-go use
  • Made for everyone: universal scent and design
  • Glycerin prevents moisture loss
  • Coconut oil smooths hands

havana: spicy wood

  • Open woods and natural spice. Grounded in cardamom, violet, vetiver, and cedarwood.
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