Incense Paper

Scent :

PONSONT Incense Paper has been designed to be a simple luxury. Through the use of superior materials - Siam Benjoin, African Resins, Turkish Rose Otto, Aged Indonesian Patchouli - Ponsont frames these precious oils and resins in a unique and unconventional way. Handmade via a 16 step process, Ponsont incense paper uses the finest aromatic materials they can source.

Ponsont paper is made of tree-free cellulose and sourced from a 400 year-old French manufacturer. Their scents are developed and formulated in-house by founder and perfumer, Justin Vaughan.

  • Le Patch: More Rue de la Pompe than Haight-Ashbury, Le Patch transcends the hippy clichés. Aged patchouli has a smoother profile, so we use the smooth stuff and round the edges with rose and benjoin resin. Très chic. Laissez les bâtons aux hippies.

  • Rosa Rossa: On the Aventine Hill in Rome, 1,100 rose varietals grow together in a communal garden. Rosa Rossa is inspired by this Roseto Comunale: a thoughtful rose, harmonized with sandalwood and honey. Bella Roma, portatile...

  • 24 incense papers per booklet
  • 40+ hours of scent diffusion per booklet
  • Made in the USA
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