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Send Bars was founded by a team of athletes who were tired of carrying around the same stale, sugary, unhealthy, shelf-stable food to fuel our adventures.

Made with the best ingredients.

  • Small batch, hand made locally in Colorado
  • A handful of greens in every bar
  • Made with foods that are whole, real, and alive
  • No sugar, chemicals, or crap
  • High quality superfoods
  • Stress-fighting adaptogens
  • Whole plant proteins
  • Geared towards Performance and Recovery
  • Designed and tested by professional athletes

The Perform line was designed to keep you firing on all cylinders throughout the course of your day. Zero jitters. Zero crash. Just easily digestible nutrients, nourishment and adaptogenic support to keep you feeling amazing before and during moments of serious output and physical stress.

The Recover line was designed to replenish your reserves, calm your nerves, and rebuild your muscles after taxing effort. Nothing but nutrients, nourishment, and adaptogens to put a bow on your busy day.

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