How To Be More Eco-Conscious In 2023!!

As we are a couple weeks into the new year, many of us are trying to incorporate new habits into our old routines. If one of your resolutions this year was to build more sustainable habits into your life without completely changing everything about your day-to-day, then you and I have similar goals. Every new year, I try to come up with unique and easy ways to be more environmentally conscious in my life that I know I will stick to. Whether that is reducing the amount of waste I produce everyday, shopping locally, or supporting brands that I know to have the same environmental goals as me, there are so many different ways that you can become more sustainable in 2023.


Reducing the amount of waste you produce every day starts with being more conscious of the products you’re using and how they’re being packaged. So instead of using paper towels to clean your counter, opt for a towel that you can wash, then reuse in the future and when you’re on your weekly grocery trip haul, be mindful of the products you’re buying and what materials they’re packaged with. To avoid overly packaged produce, bring your own produce bags and choose produce that is not wrapped. 

 By shopping locally this year, you can cut emissions from transportation of food from state to state, support your local businesses and thereby your local economy, all while getting higher quality foods. Shopping at your local farmers markets or grocery stores also encourages the use of more reusable packaging such as bringing your own or being provided bags by the vendor. Shop locally to reduce waste and emissions, support your local economy, and grow a sense of community.

To be more eco- conscious in 2023, try to support brands that value environmentalism and are transparent with their own efforts. To do this, research sustainable brands to find if they publish their emission reports each year, take pictures of the inside of their factories to be transparent with their working conditions, and use materials that don’t contain microplastics or other harmful components. A few brands who carry these important values that you can find here at Jones and Co are Closed Jeans, Mate the Label, Dad Grass, MyCoLove, Emerson Fry, and more!!


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