Last Minute Presents For The Last Minute Shoppers

For the shoppers who may have waited until the last minute to get their loved ones Christmas presents and are frantically running around Boulder to try and find something, ANYTHING that will work as presents or in stockings, I have created a guide for you to follow that you can all get at Jones and Co.



Le Bon Shoppe socks are not just socks that your grandma gets you for Christmas, the socks are sparkly, plushy, and come in all of your favorite colors. Not to mention that they are also sustainably made with the intention of creating ultra comfortable socks that are good for the environment as well. 





Mar Mar Los Angeles mini candle set is perfect for those gifts that you have been procrastinating because you maybe don’t know the person very well or it’s a last minute secret santa present. This hand- poured by adults with disabilities in Los Angeles, 100% soy wax candle set comes in their three most popular scents therefore the chances of the receiver not liking all of them are very slim.




Dad Grass CBD joints/ Mom Grass CBG joints are great for stocking stuffers for your loved ones such as your wife or husband, or your mom and dad. These joints contain less than 0.3 THC so they won’t make you feel that “high” feeling but you will still feel relaxed and calm.



Karst clips are made from a plant- based material, cellulose acetate, which naturally degrades into the planet. These claw clips keep your hair in place literally all day without feeling the need to readjust or fix it again. Karst are durable and fit for almost all hair types whether your hair is fine and straight or thick and curly, Karst clips will hold your hair all day, and will look cute doing it.



Handblown mushroom ornaments made by local artist Leigh Wyatt are the cutest stocking stuffer, addition to your tree, or can be used as a suncatcher for a year round mushroom aesthetic in your kitchen. Made locally with the intention of adding a unique and playful piece to your home, shop it locally at Jones and support the artists grown here.

Lastly, the Wonder Valley skincare kit that comes with their most popular face and body oils and cleanser, and derived from the inedible parts of their olive oil, Wonder Valley offers a variety of benefits that other skincare brands just can’t compete with. By using the leftover parts of their olive oils, their skincare has all of the best properties to make you glow from the inside- out.

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