• How To Have An Environmental Christmas

    How To Have An Environmental Christmas
    This holiday season, we understand how you can get “wrapped up” in the thrill and excitement that the winter months bring but there are simple ways to make your Christmas, or holiday season, environmental!  To kick off the holiday season, acquiring a Christmas tree to decorate, light up, and put presents under is possibly one of my favorite traditions and I’m sure all of...
  • Presents Your Mom Will Love This Holiday Season

    Presents Your Mom Will Love This Holiday Season
    Finding the perfect gift for your mom is hard. You want to find something that you know she would love, use, and display while also showing your appreciation for how much she does. Finding a gift to perfectly encompass these goals is a challenge but at Jones and Co, we are equipped to make your mom feel appreciated and loved this Christmas.   Starting...
  • Gifts For Your Sister!

    Gifts For Your Sister!
    Shopping for your family for the holidays can be hard, and sometimes shopping for your sister can be even harder. Sisters can be picky when it comes to gifts and could be expecting to receive the perfect gift from those who know her best. To please her and ease your stress this holiday season, I designed a gift guide to follow so that you...
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