Sustainability at Jones means more to us than just environmentalism and fair practices. At Jones, sustainability is supporting ethical businesses, environmental housekeeping practices, and empowering our community here in Boulder. 


A few ways we do this is by:

  • Partnerships with a local recycling company, EcoCycle, to ensure responsible waste disposal
  • Collaborating with SPAN, the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence
  • Giving back to nonprofit environmental organizations such as the Western Resource Advocates
  • Extensively researching each brand before we carry them
  • Using recycled materials to package and ship orders
  • Reusing cloths to maintain the cleanliness of our store
  • Supporting local businesses through collaborations, donations, and promotions
  • Creating our own Jones line supporting ethical and sustainable practices




With each brand that we partner with, there is a long and slow process before bringing them into our shop. At Jones + Co, we want to support businesses who have aligned pillars in sustainability by enforcing ethical standards, environmental manufacturing, and transparency throughout their supply chain. Some of our favorite brands who genuinely and transparently practice these values include A Bronze Age, BAGGU, CLOSED, Creative Women, Donni, Earth & Daughter, Earthen, ÉTICA, Micaela Greg, MyCo Love, Osea, Wonder Valley, as well as the rest of our thoughtfully curated store. As a small business, we’re slowly developing our own name that will carry our meaning of sustainability in every aspect of our line. We love and will continue to support other small businesses while we work to produce more of our Jones + Co products to fill our store with more slowly curated, mindful goods. 


Community is everything to us, here are the organizations we have collaborated with so far in 2023. Check them out- they're making big moves!


Western Resource Advocates "Fighting climate change to sustain the environment, economy, and people of the West."





SPAN: Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence 

human rights organization committed to ending violence against adults, youth and children through support, advocacy, education and community organizing.


Eco-Cycle: Building Zero Waste Connections

Jones + Co. has partnered with Eco-Cycle for a weekly pickup of our poly-bags. Some brands ship clothing and home goods in these types of bags. It was important to us to be able to conscious reuse these somehow- so ecocycle was the move! Each week, someone from the eco-cycle community stops by on their bike to pick up our poly-bags. This action further reduces any use for a car and helps improve a carbon emissions footprint. 


 One Tree Planted

A mission to plant trees where they're needed. Jones + Co. loves partnering with One Tree Planted each year for Earth Day. We want to continue the effort in helping regrow our endangered forests!



Greenhouse Scholars: Growing Leaders, Creating Change

Greenhouse Scholars is a diverse community of leaders using education to transform underserved communities in our backyard and around the world


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