• What Is Greenwashing and How Do You Avoid It?

    What Is Greenwashing and How Do You Avoid It?
      Greenwashing essentially describes when a brand has spent more money on advertising how sustainable they are than minimizing their environmental impact, ironically making the entirety of the brand unsustainable in itself. Greenwashing is used to target an audience that prioritizes their own ecological footprint and due to sustainability becoming more mainstream as the climate crisis worsens, more and more corporations continue to use this...
  • The Le Marké Shop

    The Le Marké Shop
    When you think of sustainable food, I’m sure you think of sleek packaging, pasture raised eggs, and high costs. Therefore food made sustainably is difficult for companies to uphold and for consumers to choose. Food made ethically with environmental practices usually requires more profit from the company to pump out thus making the product more expensive. However to be truly sustainable means making the...
  • Ethical, Environmental, and Sustainable

    Ethical, Environmental, and Sustainable
    “Ethical practices and sustainable products made with eco-friendly materials organically sourced with carbon-free technologies to restore the planet using green innovations.” Brands will use phrases like this to advertise a new green product or clothing that they are incorporating into their brand but what does this line actually mean? This “green” loaded sentence is an example of how often the words “sustainable”, “ethical”, and...
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