Soothing Bath Salts
Mera's bath salts provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in self-care rituals, creating a sanctuary of calm in the comfort of your own home. This blend shares the relaxing benefits of Epsom salts, the skin-nourishing properties of coconut milk, and...
All Natural Lip Balm
A lip balm that delivers soothing, lasting moisture to leave our lips feeling soft and smooth, even after those long days in the sun.  See the whole line by Mera Wellness. 0.17oz For all skin-types Made in Boulder, Colorado Ingredients:...
Hydrating Face Serum
Designed with a selection of organic and nourishing oils, this serum has been carefully formulated to address the concerns of dry skin and sun damage. These natural oils have been shown to increase skin elasticity, minimize discoloration, and deliver antioxidant...
Balancing Face Serum
Mera's Balancing Face Serum is specifically designed to support combination, inflamed, and sensitive skin types. It features fast-absorbing oils that hydrate without clogging pores, revealing a wonderfully smooth texture. The key ingredients have been shown to enhance skin regeneration, soothe...
Powder Face Cleanser + Mask
Mera's Powder Face Cleanser and Mask was designed to draw out impurities and revitalize your skin without stripping away its natural oils. Infused with skin-rejuvenating nourishment, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed, renewed, and beautifully balanced. As a Cleanser: Mix ½...
Clarifying Face Serum
Mera's Clarifying Face Serum is formulated with organic ingredients to address the concerns oily, blemish-prone skin. This serum is lightweight, fast absorbing, and non-comedogenic, meaning it delivers skin-supporting compounds without clogging pores.  The carefully selected ingredients have been shown to...
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