Wide Brim Wool Hat - Berry Red


Sweet, chic, & bold, our newest felt hat in our collection!
Handcrafted 100% Australian Wool. Adjustable size band.

Hannah Nail Polish


Our polish embodies sustainability, celebrates women, and brings a playful element to beauty. Non-toxic, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

AKA Fanny Pack


This AKA Fanny Pack is designed to be modern and classic, “timeless”. The clean lines and useful features allow the bag to be stylish, elegant, and smart.

Perfect gifts for someone special or a treat for yourself.

Explore our exquisite jewelry collection. Elevate your style with timeless pieces that capture the essence of romance.

Shop now and make this Valentine's unforgettable!

find your perfect gift

We use 100% recycled & repurposed materials for all of our packing and shipping supplies.

adorn your moments
with timeless elegance

  • 14K Abalone Heart Charm - Ruby + Diamond


  • 14K Abalone + Ruby Heart Pendant


  • 14K Diamond Encrusted Heart Lock Charm


  • 14K Dainty Pink Sapphire Celestial Charm


  • 14K Heart Trinket Charm - 

    Pink Jasper


Create unforgettable moments and celebrate the joy of togetherness or self-love.

Whether you're sipping solo or hosting a gathering, turn every sip into a moment of beauty.

Craft beautiful, refreshing drinks that captivate both taste buds and aesthetics.

choose your flavor

We use 100% recycled & repurposed materials for all of our packing and shipping supplies.

Lavender Low Ball Glasses

$112.00 / set of 2

Rose Coupe Glasses

$96.00 / set of 2

Lavender Martini Glass

$96.00 / set of 2

Cocktail Box - Provence  

$126.00 / set

Ghia is a non-alcoholic apéritif packed with only pure, natural extracts. Potent plants. Heady herbals. Everything inside the bottle was picked because of its completely natural ability to soothe and to stimulate. Each glass promises to kick up the energy and calm down the mind.

Seduction NA Cocktail


Pomegranate, rose, citrus, Damiana.
Locals Nan Alpert and Alex Ballas have concocted a tantalizing mix of functional ingredients in their non-alcoholic cocktails that enhance taste experience and mental well-being. A cocktail experience without the booze!

Ghia Berry Aperitif


Introducing Berry: Ghia's newest Apéritif, and our first foray into non-bitter drinks. Bold, juicy, and tantalizingly tart, it moves with you through the night. Like a drive-through Sienna at Sunset, our newest aperitif will take you for a ride. Tannic, fruit-forward, but don’t call it a mocktail.

Luxurious scents crafted to captivate the senses and evoke moments of romance.

Indulge in the essence of love this Valentine's Day with our uniquely curated perfumes. Whether for someone special or a treat for yourself, our scents evoke moments of romance and allure.

Explore our collection and ignite the passion within. Gift love, embrace love.

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We use 100% recycled & repurposed materials for all of our packing and shipping supplies.

Alma Perfume Oil


Lightbound’s signature scent is a handcrafted and genderless perfume oil that embodies the soul. Alma is a deep, rich blend of notes that are at once both sensual and sacred.

AYOND Eau de Parfum


Taos Blue - Airy, Citrus, Floral.

Spring in New Mexico's Taos Mountains conjures expansive blue skies. It radiates sunshine. It bursts open with mountain lilac, freesia and wild herbs.

I Like You In Velvet - Fragrance


MONDO MONDO is a trip and a souvenir; something we bring back from that other world, and something to prove that we were there. Notes: Iris, suede, incense, carrots, pale woods, white musk.

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