Behind The Skin: real clean beauty testimoials

In honor of #nudejune, our no filter selfie social media campaign, we put together a collection of real skin profiles to get real with how our clean beauty products work per skin type, age, and concern. Here's what you all are saying...

✓ Name: Paulina ✓ Age: 27 ✓ Skin type: Dry/Sensitive ✓ Skin concern: breakouts, aging & sun damage

✓ Favorite Skincare Product: “I love the OSEA under eye cream. It gives me piece of mind knowing I’m applying an aging preventative & moisturizer all in one."

✓ Favorite Body Product: “I love Wonder Valley Hinoki body oil…not only does it keep my body moisturized & glowing but I apply it to my curly hair!"

✓ Name: Katie  Skin type: Mature/Sensitive ✓ Skin concerns: fine lines, firmness, dullness

✓ Favorite Skincare Product: “I love the Osea under eye cream. It’s firming and brightening.”

✓ Favorite Skincare Ritual: “FIrst thing in the morning, an oil cleanser, followed by holding a hot towel to my face until it cools. It’s like sunshine on my cheeks. Then oils, moisture, and sunscreen”

✓ Name: Laura ✓ Age: 28.5 ✓ Skin type: Dry, redness (ex: dry, oily, acne prone, redness, sensitive, etc.)  ✓ Skin concern: dryness

✓ Favorite Skincare Product: "Wonder Valley Oil Cleanser, Wonder Serum & Face Oil. I love these products because they provide moisture to my skin all day & they feel so great to use in the morning and night. They do not make me break out either- a plus!"

✓ Favorite Skincare Ritual: "I love beginning each morning with the wonder valley oil cleanser, it truly feels like my skin is clean and gets a great refresh. I follow with the wonder serum in which i put on my face and neck. It's light enough to not feel super heavy as I follow with the face oil after. The face oil is wonderful for gua sha and little face massages I like to give myself each morning."

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