• Valentine “Be Mine” Beet Gnocchi

    Valentine “Be Mine” Beet Gnocchi
    To celebrate Valentine's Day, we asked LA private chef Samantha Beech to share her beet gnocchi recipe. Sammy is a dear friend and whenever we are with her, she is whipping up some seemingly simple dish to her, and wildly innovative to us. She has this knack for making magic in the kitchen in such an approachable way. So, we figured we would invite...
  • 7 Tips for a Sexy (Sober) Mocktail Party

    7 Tips for a Sexy (Sober) Mocktail Party
        Let’s Toast to a new era of morning afterglows following your best nights out! Make 2024 your year, of having it all… But is it really possible to enjoy your the epic nights living large and a glow the morning after? We say yes. You don’t have to swap our your usual cocktail with a sexy sober sip every time. Maybe you...
  • Thanksgiving Persimmon x Balsamic Salad

    Thanksgiving Persimmon x Balsamic Salad
    The season of savoring all that the farmer's market has to offer us is here. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we will be making this salad as a happy hour hors d'oeuvre! Here is the simple recipe. – Persimmon x Balsamic Salad – Layer radicchio leaves on an earthen platter  Drizzle le marke aged balsamic  Add a layer of thinly sliced persimmons  Drizzle another serving of le...
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