Learn About Osea's Most Favorited Products

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is therefore our first line of defense against sun exposure, pollution, and more. It’s time to thank your skin for the protection it provides you by using nourishing products such as Osea. Osea was founded in 1996 by Jennifer Palmer and is one of the leading brands in the green beauty environment. They are vegan, carbon- neutral, and natural by hand harvesting most of their ingredients where there is overabundance in seaweed. The three types of seaweed Osea uses for their key ingredients are Undaria (brown kelp), Gigartina (red algae), and brown seaweed with each withholding their own unique properties to renourish your skin.

Undaria has been known for retaining moisture in the skin, being rich in B vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Gigartina, red algae, has its own healing properties of moisturization and protecting the skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution. Osea’s last key seaweed is brown seaweed, known as an antioxidant while helping with acne, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

For your cleanser, the Ocean Cleanser with Undaria seaweed as one of the key ingredients is perfect for most skin types everyday. It’s gentle while having a hydrating exfoliation for clogged pores without stripping the moisture from your skin. The moisturizing components of the Ocean Cleanser are derived from a ph balanced jojoba and sesame oil to preserve and retain your hydration. 

The Sea Minerals mist combines all of Osea’s seaweeds to tone and balance your skin. Using Gigartina, brown algae, and Undaria with an aloe base, creates a harmonious combination to cool and refresh your skin before you start your day and to end it. It should be used after cleansing your face but can be used at any point of your day to refresh your skin.

Osea has won multiple awards for their Ocean Eyes due to its versatility for each skin type and concern. It uses a combination of Undaria, red algae, bark and plant extract, peptide, quinoa, and hyaluronic acid to address all signs of aging while plumping the eyes. It contains caffeine to brighten the under eye area so if you are sensitive to this ingredient, I suggest the eye protection cream for a similar effect. 

If you’ve ever wanted a prebiotic + probiotic + seaweed + squalane + bisabolol blend, the Seabiotic water cream is perfect for you. The moisturizer you didn’t know you need until now to protect your skin from aggressive environments and retain moisture for up to 72 hours after application. It contains B vitamins and microbiomes to support your moisture barrier during your traveling or even day- to- day activities. The Seabiotic water cream is water based so it’s best to not pair with oils however it pairs well with serums instead!

One of Osea’s most popular skincare products is their Undaria body oil containing, Undaria, white lupin (flower), and a lovely botanical blend to easily sink into the skin while providing skin elasticity. The white lupin flower provides the firming and contouring of your skin while the passion fruit and other omega profiles nourish and condition your skin.

Lastly, the Gigartina based Salts of the Earth body scrub contains salts from all around the world to gently exfoliate your skin without stripping it of its moisture. The shea butter and lavender aroma leaves your skin soft and calm after application.


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