Way To Love Your Earth For Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is a day dedicated to acknowledge the importance of environmentalism, nature, and everything else our planet provides. The first Earth Day was on April 22nd, 1970 to proclaim the importance of keeping our air, water, and soil clean from harmful pollutants due to the lack of government enforcement. Then, there was no EPA, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, or any regulatory measures to prevent factories from polluting. To celebrate the 53rd Earth Day, here are some ways to love your Earth.


Celebrate Earth Day by getting out into nature on a run, walk, hike, bike ride, or any other way you enjoy the outdoors. If you are local in Boulder, the First and Second Flatirons Loop is a moderate 2.7 mile loop where you can get to both the flatirons for a beautiful view of Boulder while enjoying the surrounding nature. Dogs are welcome on this hike both on- and- off-leash as well so both you and your best friend can celebrate Earth Day together! 

Shopping locally this Earth Day is another simple and easy way to love your planet by giving back to its people. This Earth Day is on a Saturday which means that you can go to the Boulder Farmers Market to support local Colorado farmers while getting some good food while there! There are pickles, honey, plants, mushrooms stands, and so many other cool things to see while there. 


One way I love to celebrate Earth Day everyday, is to get my clothes sustainably from transparent and reputable businesses. A Bronze Age, Donni, CLOSED are just a few brands who exemplify these values and exceed sustainable expectations.

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