Gifts For Your Sister!

Shopping for your family for the holidays can be hard, and sometimes shopping for your sister can be even harder. Sisters can be picky when it comes to gifts and could be expecting to receive the perfect gift from those who know her best. To please her and ease your stress this holiday season, I designed a gift guide to follow so that you can get your sister the most “her” gift, at Jones and Co.

A part of our Jones Fine collection, the 14k solid gold minimalist moon charm encrusted with diamonds would make a golden gift for your sister. This beautifully simplistic charm would look elegant on a minimalistic chain or with something such as a chain link necklace for a bolder look. 

If your sister is anything like my own, she loves taking care of her hair and finding sustainable products that help her do so. Whether you have thick, unmanageable hair or thinner, fine hair, Sisters shampoo and conde. Sisters was founded by three sisters with a passion for good hair and activism. All of their products are vegan, non toxic, with bottles made from recycled materials and 40% of their profits go towards women's health. 



Our bestselling olive oil from Graza, single sourced in Spain, comes in both a drizzle olive oil used for your finished products such as salads, bread, baked goods, as a marinate, and more. Whereas the sizzle olive oil is used during the process and is great for sauteing, roasting, and/or searing.

An Estelle colored glass set is the perfect way to say “I love you” to your sister. Estelle offers stemmed, stemless, martini, rocks, decanters, regal glasses, as well as champagne flutes and coupes in all different colors. Here at Jones, we offer Amethyst stemmed, stemless, and coupes, gray smoke rock and coupes glasses, rose stemmed and stemless wine glasses, mint stemmed and stemless and more!

For the sisters who love sweets goods and for you when you need the stocking to look a little fuller, Loco Love has you covered. Founded in Australia back in 2013 by a couple, Loco Love was destined to create artisanal chocolates that are deliciously vegan, soy, and are refined sugar free. Everything from the different flavors, my favorite being the butter caramel crunch, to the adventurous packaging makes it the perfect stocking stuffer for your sister.

If you genuinely don’t know what to get your sister who already has everything or is terribly picky when it comes to gifts, candles, more specifically Mar Mar Candles Los Angeles is the way to go.

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