Perfume Oil Elixir
More than just a perfume. Shemana’s new crystal activated Perfume Elixirs are designed to be reminiscent of the lost art of natural, ritualistic perfumery––an almost alchemical process with an intrinsic connection to love, luxury, mystery, and medicine. Each of Shemana’s...
Ritual Face Serum
Shemana’s Ritual Face Serum is lovingly handcrafted using the best skin-loving botanicals infused in Almond Oil, then placed in a sacred geometric pattern surrounded by crystals activated by the sun and moon, enhancing this serum to a high vibrational level....
Ritual Oil
The massage oil of your dreams, Shemana’s Oil is lovingly handcrafted with organics of camellia and fractionated coconut, leaving it lightweight and silky. Blended with essential oils of sandalwood and lavender and energetically activated with Crystal and Wildflower essences, this...
Therapy Mist
Manifest dreams into reality with Shemana’s Dream Therapy Mist, lovingly handcrafted with essential oils of sandalwood and lavender to hold you on a sensory journey while a specially selected ancient alchemy sequence of crystal essences invites a peaceful atmosphere. Comes...
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