Morning Glow Osea Skincare Ritual

Last week our Jones + Co team met with brands in DTLA for LA Market. While we were there, I stopped by the Osea skincare studio in Venice, Ca for a cranial wave facial. I’m not kidding when I say it was the best facial of my life. Here’s why... The focus wasn't just about my skin, but rather a holistic and intentional ritual that gave attention to every layer of my being—  body, mind, breathe, emotions, and energy. From the moment I came into their botanical bungalow, my nervous system felt held and cared for.

That’s the magic of ritual, it brings you into the moment and in tune with yourself that much more.  I’ve felt so inspired to incorporate a more slowed down, ritualistic approach to skincare, and learned a lot of about the proper sequence for layering osea products . So here’s my current osea skin care ritual (inspired by my facial) if you wanna join in!

My Morning Glow Osea Skincare Ritual...

  1. Take 3 deep breaths to be present (option: place a drop of vagus nerve oil in your palms and inhale the calming essential oils)
  2. Cleanse your face with osea’s ultra-gentle ocean cleansing milk
  3. Follow up with a gentle-but-purifying ocean cleansing mud to clarify and open your pores with tingly tea tree & peppermint
  4. Mist your skin with sea minerals mist for a post made hydration
  5. Apply white algae mask for a marine-infused illuminating effect… it’s mineral peptides and hyaluronic acid will plump & brighten your skin
  6. Wash your face with cold water
  7. Apply ocea’s  hyaluronic sea serum & give yourself a cooling jade roller massage following the contour of your face from the chin up. this drains inflammation & spread hydration evenly
  8. Add ocean eyes to brighten & depuff your under eyes
  9. Apply the new advanced protection cream with a pump of day glow oil to your skin. This is what the did to finish my facial, and I felt so radiant that I didn't even wear makeup that night. Protip: really take your time to let the plant-derived amino acid DPHP, which visibly firms skin and plumps the appearance of fine lines, soak in.
  10. Finish with three deep aromatherapy filled breaths to carry the benefits of pause and ritual into your day! 

I’ve been doing this sequence every morning, and it’s really only taken me 10 extra minutes out of my day… This has already given me perspective on how much time we waste doing random things. So, if you are up for penciling in a little self care time to begin your year from self-love, join me! And if you are every in the Venice area, book a facial at Osea to try out all the products we carry! It is worth it…


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