Meet The JONES Polish Collection

We are so excited to announce our in-house JONES Non-Toxic Nail Polish Collection in collaboration with the women in our lives. This collection embodies a love for our planet, celebrates women, and brings a playful element to beauty!

As Jones + Co has grown over the years, it has always felt like family to those a part of it. Our founder, Elizabeth Jones, runs our growing brand as such. She empowers us to take initiative and build the skills we desire to have in our careers, and always encourages us to have fun as much as we work hard. She truly feels like a mother, sister, and best friend to all of us.

Naturally, Elizabeth has always envisioned launching our own private label products that care for our planet as equally as they inspire others to care for themselves. It was no surprise to us, then, that she dreamt up a non-toxic nail polish collection that paid homage to the women she loves so dearly. Each color is named after each of the women who have played a role in our brand’s growth. 

JONES Polish embodies sustainability, celebrates women, and brings a playful element to beauty. Our polish is free of the 24 toxic ingredients that are classically found in nail polish. We invite you to view each color as an archetype of the energy you feel like expressing on any given day.

We hope you feel empowered to befriend and color your true nature upon wearing our polish. And, we welcome you into our JONES sisterhood! Life is so much more colorful when we live it and cherish each moment together! 

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