Circularity at Closed

Circular fashion is a holistic design approach rooted in Indigenous ancestry that aims to “design out waste” by reducing the number of natural resources used to make our clothing and diverting products from landfills. In short, circular fashion (a closed-loop system) is making new materials out of old materials.

CLOSED is not an eco-label. That doesn’t stop them from continuously finding new ways to improve. Every year they make huge gestures to produce their collections with less of an environmental impact without compromising high quality. Fortunately, these two values often go hand in hand. By making high quality their priority ever since the beginnings of Closed, a lot of our processes have been clean and green since the early 1980s.

 Since 2022, CLOSED has been using PCR-cotton (post-consumer recycling) for some of their jeans. This way, new garments are created from worn, discarded clothing – an important step towards a more circular economy.

One of their great strides towards sustainability came in 2018, when they formed an entirely sustainable denim collection. A BETTER BLUE was formed alongside their long-standing denim partners in Italy. The production of A BETTER BLUE jeans saves 50% less water, 25% less energy, and 65% less chemicals than industry norms.

Their A BETTER BLUE jeans are made in Italy using sustainable materials, eco-friendly dying methods and gentle washing techniques – and they have successfully implemented a 100% sustainable denim line from start to finish.

Within A BETTER BLUE, they use cellulose fibers (e.g. Lyocell/modal) for their denim. Lyocell is made of cellulose fibers of botanical origin, 30% obtained from wood pulp & 30% from recycled cotton. They source these raw materials from sustainably managed woodlands – which do not need irrigation, fertilisers or pesticides – instead of from standard cotton fields. Furthermore, the fibers are manufactured in a closed process whereby the water and solvents are almost completely reused.

We love the feeling we get when wearing a pair of eco-denim by CLOSED. Each step we take feels like a stride in the right direction. After all, where we put our dollar impacts how we care for our planet. It's empowering to invest in a more eco-friendly future within the realm of fashion. Slip into our curated collection from CLOSED FALL 2023 at JONES + CO and feel what we mean!


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