Within the Walls of Kelly Wearstler’s Designs

It’s incredible how the structure of a space has the potential to direct our mind to perceive a certain way, and even opens our heart to feel with a particular flavor.

Staying at the The Santa Monica Proper Hotel, although for a blink in time, will live forever in my mind. Ideating with our creative team within the walls of Kelly Wearstler’s designs offered us a container to imagine, listen, and allow our perspectives to layer onto one another. As a photographer and creative director, my mind usually wafts to where light cascades into and through a room. Each cove-like container within The Santa Monica Proper Hotel gave way to a balance of shadow, even a reverence for the dimly lit spaces, as much as light.

A reality I cherish about being in the creative field, is that there’s a recognition of everyone’s creative process as unique. That understanding is woven into work culture, meetings, deadlines, etc. The status quo is to give space for one another to bring our artistry forth in our own time from our zone of genius.

What I observe, is that as a result of this shared intention to honor the artist’s way, a simple meeting of minds, hearts, and crafts turns into a symphony of something greater than it’s individual parts every time. We create a new beauty together when we allow art to flow. As is life…It was such a pleasure to visit a space that holds a reverence for this process. 

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