The Benefits Of Hand-Poured Wax Candles

Candles are probably the best and most appreciated gifts from loved ones and for yourself. Burning a fresh new candle, in your favorite scent after a long day at work scientifically improves your mood. However, some candles can actually be harmful for your overall health due to the manufacture and ingredients of the candle and its brand. 

Harmful candles include paraffin candles which are composed of petroleum, also known as the fuel you put into automobiles, which is not only nonrenewable but also contains carcinogens such as toluene which is a substance, organism, or agent capable of causing cancer. Not only are paraffin wax candles harmful for your health but they release carbon dioxide leaving your house a mess when it burns, and also has a higher melting point thereby affecting the life of your candle.

To avoid all of the issues mentioned above, choose a hand-poured soy wax candle due to its longevity, renewable sources, a better smelling candle, and a healthier burn. My favorite hand-poured candles are carried here at Jones such as Brooklyn Candle Studio hand-poured in New York and Mar Mar Los Angeles, hand-poured by individuals with disabilities. Shop hand-poured wax candles here and make your home smell with good intention.

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