The Story Behind Estelle Colored Glassware


The new age of green goblets, pink coupes, and black martini glasses is upon us and we are all about it. Estelle Colored Glass founded and based in South Carolina, was inspired by the founder’s Stephanie Summerson Hall grandmother Estelle, also known as “Big Mama”. Estelle loved to acquire antiques throughout her neighborhoods in South Carolina and from this, had a sparkling colored glass collection. These colored glass pieces would be debuted every Sunday night at dinners with her family, from here on out Stephanie’s love in colored glass would blossom into what it is today. Through the inspiration of Estelle and her ability to always find hidden treasures and gems second hand, Estelle Colored Glass was created with the intention of creating the same wholesome memories while inspiring those closest to you.


Estelle Colored Glass is delicately handcrafted by glass artisans in Poland with a rich history at a 100-plus-year-old glass company, therefore ensuring quality pieces that will last lifetimes. Estelle describes each of their pieces as "jewels for your table" and offers almost every kind of stemmed and stemless wine glasses, coupes, champagne flutes, regal flutes, rocks glasses, goblets, and even cake stands. Their colors, quality, and uniqueness of each piece expands further than any other colored glass company we have seen, setting them apart by being cutting edge while still providing that warm, Sunday night dinners feeling.



A colored glass set from Estelle is destined to fill any Christmas or holiday morning with unwavering, undisturbed joy. To ensure that you’re making the right decision when it comes to buying your loved one a colored glass set, Estelle sets you up for success by differentiating and labeling their best sellers. The Cobalt Blue Stemware, Mixed Set Stemless, Blush Pink Stemware, Mint Green Stemware, and the Amber Smoke Stemware are labeled as their best sellers and here at Jones, we have most of them. 

At Jones and Co, Estelle Colored Glass are eye-catching pieces that bring people together. At Jones, we carry some of Estelle’s holiday collection such as the stemmed and stemless forest green glasses as well as the stemmed, stemless, and coupe in amethyst. Apart from the holiday collection, Jones holds so many other beautiful pieces such as the blush pink, yellow, orange, mint green, lavender, and smoke in varying styles. 

As the season of gift giving reaches us, Jones and Co has all the necessities you need, most importantly Estelle Colored Glass. From lavender coupes, green stemless glasses, and smoke rocks glasses, there are options for everyone to love and enjoy. Estelle is inherently the perfect gift for someone you love or even for yourself. The holidays are rapidly approaching us so make Estelle Colored Glass a go-to for presents for your loved ones.

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