• Late Summer Rainbow Salad

    Late Summer Rainbow Salad
    Start the new week fresh with this simple recipe we’ve been eating on repeat…it's equal parts refreshing for the summer sun rays and grounding as we invite autumn's abundance.  Step 1: massage kale with graza drizzle olive oil  & lemon for added freshness and softening. Step 2: Sprinkle umami salt and mix--  a simple blend of shiitake mushroom powder and flake sea salt.  Step 3: add a...
  • Circularity at Closed

    Circularity at Closed
    Circular fashion is a holistic design approach rooted in Indigenous ancestry that aims to “design out waste” by reducing the number of natural resources used to make our clothing and diverting products from landfills. In short, circular fashion (a closed-loop system) is making new materials out of old materials. CLOSED is not an eco-label. That doesn’t stop them from continuously finding new ways to...
  • Within the Walls of Kelly Wearstler’s Designs

    Within the Walls of Kelly Wearstler’s Designs
    It’s incredible how the structure of a space has the potential to direct our mind to perceive a certain way, and even opens our heart to feel with a particular flavor. Staying at the The Santa Monica Proper Hotel, although for a blink in time, will live forever in my mind. Ideating with our creative team within the walls of Kelly Wearstler’s designs offered us a...
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