7 Tips for a Sexy (Sober) Mocktail Party



Let’s Toast to a new era of morning afterglows following your best nights out! Make 2024 your year, of having it all… But is it really possible to enjoy your the epic nights living large and a glow the morning after?

We say yes. You don’t have to swap our your usual cocktail with a sexy sober sip every time. Maybe you want to play with a balance of non-alcoholic nights in between boozing? Either way, we’ve found it fun to get all our girlfriends in on a sober sister hang every now and then. Here are our tips for throwing a party that will leave you and all your besties glowing from golden hour to the morning after..

1. Splurge on a few sober sip options to give your besties a chance to try out the various brands available. We are a big fan of Ghia’s non-alcoholic aperitifs for a bitter and vibrant colored drink that packs a punch where flavor is considered. We have both their berry and original flavors, both of which are best sellers. The berry is more sweet and the original more bitter and deep. From our collection of Katy Perry's De Soi adaptogenic apertifs, we have 3 flavor profiles. Each come sparkling to drink as is! This is an easy option if you are bringing a hostess gift to the party or having an outdoors, low maintenance, party.

2. Set up a little bar station with fruit plates, ice buckets, sparkling waters, and bitters alongside your non-alcoholic drinks. Empower your friends to make their own drink concoctions.

3. Cheers to new drinking habits with fun glassware. Pick up our colored glassware by Estelle. We have coupe, champagne, stemless, stem, and high ball sizing!

4. Create little “moments” in the corners of your space that give your guests something to do. Set up our new backgammon sets by Settler’s Club in one corner with a bowl of nuts. Stack a few decks of cards on your dining table with some snack bowls and coasters. Spread your favorite poetry and photography books on the coffee table and light a Jones Candle to create a mood.

5. Place your charcuterie board in the most central space in your home. We take our wood cheeseboards to Dedalus down the street on pearl for a customizable charcuterie board!

6. Making the lighting sexy. Dim your overhead lights and activate each of your corners by lighting different shaped candles in each. For example, if the coffee table has a Jones Candle, perhaps the backgammon section has incense burners, and then cards station has tapered candles. Our Doko Lamp is also a fun way to use soft geometry to elicit feelings of empathy and playfulness. Visit our candles + incense section to peruse options.

7. Vibe high with a killer playlist. Music without a ton of lyrics or profanity, but that flows with positivity and playfulness is our go to. Here’s an 8 hour playlist we made that we use for gatherings. Ps. We also love to play this during our work from home days! 


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