Breakfast Salad


We've been eating this salad on repeat and had to share! This is for sure for the health nuts out there, as spirulina is an acquired tasted, but the high protein & health benefits of spirulina really do make you feel like you are invincible after eating this salad.

This salad also features our newest product to the Jones pantry-- Umami Salt -- a simple blend of shiitake mushroom powder and flake sea salt. No fillers. Just pure umami goodness. So... mushroom salt? Don't let the description scare you off. A favorite of professional chefs for adding an umami (or, savory) taste to their cuisines, you too can swap out regular salt for a greater depth of flavor.

Don't knock it till you try it... Our guests love combination of fresh greens with a jammy egg and the spirulina-to-lemon balance. Give it a try!



To make

  1. Wash, cut & throw kale in a big bowl
  2. Massage kale with Drizzle Graza olive oil, avocado & lemon juice by hand
  3. Add in spirulina, onion, umami & sea salt -- toss with salad spoons
  4. Boil eggs for 6 min, pour into bowl with ice cubes immediately after & let sit for 3 min
  5. Split 1 peeled jammy egg in half over each salad serving for the ooze!
  6. Sprinkle umami salt over egg & option to add a little hot sauce!
  7. Pro tip: enjoy with chopsticks— an ode to the Japanese inspired umami x spirulina pairing 

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