Building Your Capsule Closet in 2024


If you are looking to do as good as you want to feel this year, consider how building a capsule closet might actually be just the direction to go! A capsule closet is an intentionally chosen collection of clothing and accessories that go with everything. This means, for the most part, investing in pieces that you can were across the seasons, remains timeless as trends come and go, and will last you a lifetime. Here are our 4 essentials for building a functional and eternally stylish wardrobe this year and onwards…

1. A go-to pair of jeans. These are a pair that you can dress up with a kitten heel, or pair with loafers and sneakers for a daytime look. We suggest investing in eco-denim so that your skin and the planet aren’t irritated. We work exclusively with Closed’s “A Better Blue” eco-denim collection to because they work with the top of the line eco-wash factories in Europe and have reduced that amount of wasted produced in the denim market tremendously. They are feel buttery soft. 

2. Elevated basic tops. Pick a few short sleeves, turtlenecks and sleeveless tops that you can layer or wear as is for a polished look every time. We suggest Donni, Le Bon Shoppe, and The Line By K for their classically elegant, and organic approach to basics.

3. Coat is the outfit... A coat that gets better with age, although more of an investment, is one of the smartest long term buys. We suggest a coat that you can wear from day to night, like our private label Parker and Jones Sweater Coats by JONES.

4. Lastly, mindfully select your accessories. It is so easy to accumulate so many bags and shoes. But, all we really need are a few excellent-quality staples that go with everything. 


This not only honors the planet but it will simplify your getting ready process, reducing stress! We swear by a good loafer and leather bag in a neutral color.


Less is more, when we invest in what matters. We hope you feel inspired to choose wisely, and empower yourself to truly love what you are wearing as much as you care for our planet! Keep Jonesin! 

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