The Sisterhood of Vintage Jeans

There’s nothing quite like the feeling I get when throwing on a favorite pair of vintage jeans. In some way slipping on vintage feels like an ode to some past time, and a way to carry the thread of one woman’s past to another’s future through fashion. The lineage of a single pair of jeans serves to keep a sisterhood of self expression alive that holds generations of woman together. Just imagine how many milestones each pair has carried us through collectively? A first date, a business deal, a move to a new state, heartbreak, a moment we stood in our power…

When you slip on your denim, you belong. There’s something incredibly potent about that. So how do we do our vintage jeans justice? In what ways can we modernize and influence our collective storyline to reflect this current moment in history? Who knows, you might pass on your denim to your future daughter, and your daughter’s daughter!

Here are a few ways to style up your favorite Levis, Guess, Palmettos, or what-have-you…

Classic Button Down

Timeless by nature, significant when shopped sustainably. Something that excites me about the imprint I get to make as a woman during this current time in history, is that my dollar spent on style can support the planet like never before. In many ways, we are at the forefront of creating a major wave in fashion history.

Never before have there been such stylish and sustainable options out there. The Donni Pop Shirt is our cult-favorite at the shop right now. It offers a polished and practical addition to any wardrobe and it's crafted with durable 100% cotton poplin fabric!


Cropped Vest  

The other day, my dad brought me an article from his favorite paper entitled, "Wear The Patriarchy". It was a fascinating read on the psychology behind the hot menswear-inspired fashion trend currently. Essentially the article touched on how the woman's empowerment movement took hold of masculine fashion trends and decided to make it our own. I hadn't ever thought about it that way, although I've personally resonated with playing up an androgenous style as a way to embrace a sense of softness within my own masculinity.

I've always loved how sensual I feel slipping on an oversized sweatshirt from a boy I am dating. But I love even more buying myself something that is for a man, and rocking it. It's empowering, to say, "Hey, I can have it too" with my fashion choices. Donni is crushing the suitwear styles this season... from oversized to cute and cropped, there's something for everyone.

Oversized Jacket or Blazer

When in doubt, blazer it out! They are definitely having a moment right now. There’s something powerful about the structure of a stiffer fabric that pairs nicely with the worn-with-love vibe of your vintage denim. I love the Closed Ecru Denim Jacket, made from 100% cotton. It’s perfect for cooler summer days and could worn buttoned up or with a shirt layered underneath for a more casual moment.


New Balance, Nike, or a bit more niche with some of our sustainably made sneakers in stock... I love how sneakers are having a revival. Having just moved to San Francisco, and walking everywhere, I've formed a serious appreciation for the practicality of sneakers. I adore how European women strut around in slip dresses and sneakers and create art with the casual. My current fav are the Closed Low Sneakers for their suede and cowhide detail. Plus they are completely made of Italian materials.

The degree to which you express yourself fully, and live up each moment of your life wearing your jeans, might somehow encourage a future wearer of your jeans to do the same. However you feel inspired to style your vintage-modern moment, I hope you have fun with it. What gets me most about the Fashion Industry is that it's a means to be creative with, and add meaning to, our every day interactions. Style truly is a gateway to pleasure, expression, communication, and influence. So seize this moment sister, let your fellow females feel permission to color their world by the strides you take!

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