How To Be Green This St. Patrick's Day

Once a year, the Irish, the Scottish, and everybody else dress in green to celebrate the death of St. Patrick who died at the hands of the Irish during the fifth century. His death has since been celebrated worldly but in Ireland most. The common traditions of this international holiday include dancing, drinking, and most iconically, wearing green. For this St. Patrick’s day, here are a few options of how to stay green while wearing it. 


The Lacausa Aster Dress in Artichoke is a great option if you are spending this St. Patrick's day chill and lowkey. The backless dress is perfect for a St. Patty’s day lunch, drinks with coworkers, or even a trip to the grocery store to be a little more festive.

To be green this holiday shop locally, sustainably, and consciously to avoid overconsumption while supporting small businesses. If you are having friends over for a fun dinner, use reusable flatware, utensils, and cups to avoid unnecessary waste. If there are leftovers, send them home with your guests so they can enjoy the next day to lunch to avoid disposing of food and contributing to food waste.   

There is always a pot of gold at the rainbow put there by leprechauns, however we may not always be able to find it and therefore should wear our own. Shop some of Jones Fine collection, solid 10k and up, of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and charms to collect your own pot of gold. 



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