How To Have An Environmental Christmas

This holiday season, we understand how you can get “wrapped up” in the thrill and excitement that the winter months bring but there are simple ways to make your Christmas, or holiday season, environmental! 

To kick off the holiday season, acquiring a Christmas tree to decorate, light up, and put presents under is possibly one of my favorite traditions and I’m sure all of yours as well. You may think that having a fake tree may be more sustainable but it’s actually the opposite. Having a real tree for your living room promotes better air quality while it’s growing in your home, creates more jobs and income for your local economy, and eliminates the chemicals that you and your family are being exposed to by having a fake tree. Most fake trees are made from a plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is a known human carcinogen that can cause asthma and other lung issues. To better the environment, your local economy, and most importantly your health, invest in a real Christmas tree this year. They also smell way better than a fake one!

For your presents this year, opt for cloth wrappings for all of your gift wrapping. Here at Jones, we can wrap all your presents in cloth with feathers, twine, or some eucalyptus leaves for your special gifts. By using up- cycled cloth accumulated throughout the year, we eliminate the waste that wax covered wrapping paper brings each year. About 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper gets used every year and around half of that gets thrown into landfills to accumulate for the many years to come. This year, change your wrapping style and use cloth!


Lastly, the most environmental thing you can do this holiday season is to support shops that exercise and prioritize sustainable production practices that Jones and Co holds right here in Boulder. My favorite sustainable brands at Jones are OSEA, Closed Jeans, First Born Knits, and, of course, our Leigh Wyatt collection. OSEA is a clean skincare brand based in Malibu, California started by a mother and daughter with the intention of creating skincare founded in the benefits of the ocean. Lovers of seaweed and the benefits they offer, OSEA uses the four different kinds in their products to curate the most special blend of nutrients. Closed Jeans and First Born Knits commit themselves to sustainability and transparency, the most important pillars to an environmental brand. By reporting their annual emissions reports each year to the general public, they continue to lead the sustainability movement within the fashion world. Lastly, the best present you can give is a Leigh Wyatt hand blown mushroom ornament made locally, here in Boulder. This Christmas shop sustainably at Jones and Co.

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