Presents Your Mom Will Love This Holiday Season

Finding the perfect gift for your mom is hard. You want to find something that you know she would love, use, and display while also showing your appreciation for how much she does. Finding a gift to perfectly encompass these goals is a challenge but at Jones and Co, we are equipped to make your mom feel appreciated and loved this Christmas.


Starting this gift guide with the Vitruvi Essential Oil Stone Diffuser and the Oil Blend Kit, both found at Jones. The Vitruvi diffuser is a beautiful, stone piece that naturally fills your home with essential oils, a kit includes eucalyptus, spruce, lavender, and grapefruit, these can be paired together for a unique scent or alone. 





These 14K white gold diamond encrusted earrings as a part of our Jones Fine collection, is a gift that your mom is guaranteed to love. They’re classic, elegant, and simple enough to wear them everyday or to a fancy event for her to show them off.


The Settle Ceramics olive oil bottle is the perfect gift for those moms who love cooking in style. These ceramic oil bottles are made in the US, designed specifically for olive oil, and come in four different colors, ochre, lavender, sand, and royal splash.


18” taper candles from Floral Society, a cast iron candle holder, and a cute match striker is a gift that will show your mom that you put effort into her gift without it breaking your bank to do so. I always think that bundle gifts are extra special because the bundle tells a story while showing the receiver that you put some effort into the decision- making process. 




The Mayberry open- toed Slippers are for the moms that want to be cozy and warm this winter and for the daughters who will want to wear them too. These slippers are sustainably made in Australia from plush Australian sheepskin and a rubber outsole so these can be worn inside the house as well as outside for everyone to love and be jealous of. If you want to go the extra mile, put in a pair of Le Bon Shoppe snow socks to create a cozy bundle moment. 


A Jones blanket under the tree is another way for you to tell your mom that you love her. This incredibly plush, comfortable blanket sustainably made in Peru from baby alpaca wool, is the ideal medium-weight blanket.


This 14K solid gold mirror chain elevates an outfit by the reflection of the mirror chain catching all the light in every room that your mom will walk into. This necklace is for the moms that are the life of the party and the moms that shine outwardly, this mirror chain just gives them extra sparkle. 


The Evolve Together Hand Cream is nourishing, moisturizing, and smells amazing without leaving an oily residue that no one is a fan of. The best part about this hand cream is not only that it’s fast absorbing and comes in two scents and unscented, but their packaging is completely biodegradable and reusable used with soy ink.

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